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From any technical standpoint, a matter transporter of the Star Trek variety is so much garbage. When they've disintegrated a substantial portion of the crewman, how does the rest of him not just splatter on the floor in a puddle of protoplasm and skeletal residue? How do you rebuild an entire body, one atom at a time, at great range and differential velocity without Doppler shift or interference screwing up your signal? How do you keep from rematerializing your crewman with a bunch of extra air--or worse, in the case of the rare non-"M class" planet with a toxic atmosphere--embedded in him? A writer can invoke "force fields" and "subspace transmissions" but that just brings a whole new layer of bullshititude into the rationale. Trek is pure space opera, written by people who have only the faintest grasp of science, and at best a vehicle for interesting allegorical concepts. Even in a more limited context of just being able to scan a macro scale object in a laboratory and reproduce it by some means at a molecular or atomic level is so vastly beyond even projected technology it may as well be considered magic.

There is a more extensive discussion of the various ways a matter transporter makes no sense in this 2007 thread: "Whgat would it be like to go through a Transporter? (Star Trek style)"?


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