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Originally Posted by Richox View Post
Therefore you propose this idea as possible in this case? In the wildly impossible hypothetical where exact atomic replication has occurred - memories, personality and all that other human garbage would be also copied intact?
You seem to be trying to imply that memories, personality, and the other stuff associated with personhood has some mystical implementation other than the physical, and cannot be described by basic physics and chemistry. Which is absolute nonsense.

The answer is of course that if such replication occurs, then you have indeed replicated the person. And it wouldn't even have to be down to the atomic level, it arguably could just be "close enough" at some macroscopic level to be completely indistinguishable from the original. Moreover, the moral and ethical questions around replicating a human consciousness arise not only in the far-fetched realms of teleportation, but in the theoretical ability to replicate a full human consciousness in another person or in an artificial intelligence. Does the new instance have anything less than full human rights?