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Originally Posted by Czarcasm View Post
Every time this transporter question comes up in a thread I try to pose this question or a variation of it: If you claim that the transporter-created copy is, to all intents and purposes, you once it arrives at the intended destination, if there were a slight glitch and the original you weren't instantly dissipated during the original action would you be willing to to be taken off to a small room and be killed? No one who has claimed that the copy is just the same as the original has ever replied back.
Right, but what I'm saying is that the possibility of creating this sort of replicate is much more plausible and almost certainly much nearer at hand than far-fetched discussions of teleportation. It's plausible that we may be able to read the entire contents of a human brain and re-instantiate it in another intelligence engine, whether organic or artificial, which would then possess the original human consciousness and memories.

What should be done with the original? I propose that the person consenting to such a transfer grant that authority to the new instantiation. After all, who better to decide your fate than you? I suspect that if the transfer occurred because the original was frail and sickly, the new instance would care for it until its last days very dearly indeed.