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Originally Posted by wolfpup View Post
...the possibility of creating this sort of replicate is much more plausible and almost certainly much nearer at hand than far-fetched discussions of teleportation. It's plausible that we may be able to read the entire contents of a human brain and re-instantiate it in another intelligence engine, whether organic or artificial, which would then possess the original human consciousness and memories...
Achieving this would equate to solving a significant % of the teleportation problem. Alas there is no realistically projected method which could remotely achieve this. Just because some futurists have discussed philosophical aspects does not mean it is technically on the horizon. Those discussions can be misleading and do not mean there is any rational hope whatsoever this could be achieved. People read the philosophical discussions (which can be very interesting) and this implies the technology is at hand or at least on the horizon. It is not.

The human brain is the most complex structure in the universe. There is no current or envisioned technology which would enable scanning and reproducing it on the molecular or possibly atomic level required to totally reconstitute the original contents and function. There is also no achievable short cut that has ever been postulated which could confidently attain the same result without scanning and replicating the brain on essentially a molecular or atomic level.

A good example of how little is known about neurobiology: even with insects it is unknown how behavior is encoded on a molecular level. This is different from morphology -- body plan, color, etc. E.g, at conception an ant consists of a single cell. Everything it knows -- how to build, farm, cooperate, eat, reproduce, etc. is encoded in that one cell. It does not learn by observation. You will rarely see any books or papers on this because it is unknown. If there is not the faintest idea how behavioral encoding happens for insects, it cannot be scanned and reproduced, and the human brain is as far above that as stars are above the earth.