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Originally Posted by Senegoid View Post
The in-story explanation that the transporter is a found device from an alien civilization is lame. Scotty is seen, in several episodes, doing repair work on a malfunctioning transporter. I can't imagine that if the transporter were just a mysterious black box...
This happens all the time in the real world. The field technician replaces Line Replaceable Units then tests the apparatus, yet he never understands the details of the underlying device.

The explanation is not that the complete transporter itself is a found device and used "as is". Rather elements of the transporter technology and information were found that enabled people in the Star Trek era to cobble together a working device without fully understanding it.

A similar fictional scenario was portrayed in the book & movie Contact when an advanced alien civilization transmitted plans to earth for a teleportation machine. The earth technicians could follow the plans, build the machine, monitor its performance, repair it -- yet not understand the underlying mechanism.

In the Star Trek universe this explanational device was not thoroughly or consistently used. However it shows that someone, somewhere on the creative staff understood the need to rationalize the extreme level of technology required for the transporter.

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