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Originally Posted by Trinopus View Post
Actually, science has some knowledge of the topic. There are lots of experiments showing how ambient environmental chemicals can affect/alter insect behavior, and some work has been done on genetically modified insects.

You're right that it is a subject about which very little is known, but to say that nothing is known is a bit too strong a claim.
"Nothing" is a correct term for current knowledge of how behavior is encoded on a molecular level in the insect brain. If there is any research paper describing this in any detail, I have never seen it.

If a cave man pokes a stick inside a computer and notices the screen flash, he does not have the slightest understanding of the underlying principles of operation.

Note this differs from understanding the genetic basis for disease mechanisms, morphology, and biological function as expressed by proteins. There is some understanding about that, but essentially nothing about behavioral encoding -- it remains one of the greatest mysteries in biology.