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Originally Posted by BrotherCadfael View Post
The classic example was "continental drift". There was some evidence (magnetic traces, mostly) that continents could move and had moved, but until a workable mechanism (plate tectonics) was proposed to explain how it could happen, "Continental Drift" was a fringe theory and proponents were considered nuts.

One of the very, very, very few cases of complete woo ultimately becoming the dominant paradigm.

Unfortunately often cited by current advocates of woo.
Yeah that's a good example albeit a very old one, and your last line is unfortunately apropos because I am trying to advocate for an idea a lot of people think is woo but which there _are_ a handful of relevant serious respected scholars who say the idea should at least be taken seriously. So I'm trying to show this idea is in a better position than other "crank" ideas in at least that regard. I hope I'm right.