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Originally Posted by Frylock View Post
This is probably a big ask but I am hoping to find out who exists--or has recently existed--who fits the following criteria:

1. Is an academic who could be considered well-published in their field
2. Has a view that is considered not just wrong, but "crank" levels of wrong, by a large number--preferably most or even all--others in their field
3. At least occasionally speaks about and publishes about this "crank" idea in peer-reviewed or otherwise "gated" well-established venues* in their field--venues universally or near-universally considered reliable academic venues by people in the relevant field

Peter Duesberg certainly qualifies - well-published, and did some very valuable work on cancer and cancer-related viruses in the 1970s and 1980s. Has the certainly wrong idea that HIV is a harmless virus merely found in association with AIDS, and is not the cause of AIDS.

Meets part 1 of your #3 criteria - he was just here yesterday speaking about it (a colleague is a former student of his & keeps inviting him) - although he hasn't published anything in respectable journals about it in years. His webpage lists a 2011 publication on AIDS in the Italian Journal of Anatomy and Embryology, which I never heard of before today and I doubt has a high level of prestige.