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Originally Posted by Francis Vaughan View Post
There are quite a few cranks around in acedemia who push ideas outside of their area of expertese. I have personally come across a couple. One local geophysisist tries to debunk global warming, and there are a few creationalists about to say the least.
Several examples given here are/were noted scholars who published crankish stuff outside of their field, or at the fringes of their field. But OP seems to be asking, more specifically, for crankish stuff published by noted scholars within their field.

If we allow examples of scholars delving into matters beyond their field of expertise, then let's not forget William Shockley, developer of the transistor, the man who "brought silicon to Silicon Valley" and who, later in his career, became a strong proponent of eugenics and "voluntary sterilization" for anyone with IQ under 100. IIRC, he became especially noted -- and scorned -- when he began pushing theories of certain races being genetically inferior to certain other races.