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Originally Posted by Surreal View Post
Okay, but no comments at all on the first link? The one that said "almost every detail of his analysis is wrong", “Ironically, Gould’s own analysis of Morton is likely the stronger example of a bias influencing results”, and "I had the feeling that his ideological stance was supreme. When the 1996 version of ‘The Mismeasure of Man’ came and he never even bothered to mention Michael’s study, I just felt he was a charlatan.”

Is that enough to make Gould a crank? Crank ideas usually don't come in the form: "he believed Morton was wrong."

Crank ideas, to me, are more of the form:
HIV doesn't cause AIDS

Sunspots are a cause of viral disease outbreaks

Vitamin C is a cure-all medicine

The nation that controls Magnesium controls the Universe

Psychic consciousness and memory exist independent of neurons and brain chemistry


I don't think "Morton was wrong" qualifies as a "crank" idea even if Gould's analysis was hilariously wrong, or even dishonest.