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There are a number of biologists who study aging that, IMHO, dance right on the line separating paradigm-breaking research and crankdom*, or pharmaceutical research and snake-oil sales.

Specifically, I'll mention Aubrey de Grey as crank-ish. He's the subject of many breathless articles in the popular press about how we will Cure Aging Forever! But the vast majority of his academic publications have been commentaries and review articles, mostly in a journal that he runs. However, he also runs a small research foundation that does does plenty of legitimate, if unconventional, research.

*The easiest way I've found to find candidate cranks is on TED talks. Even the more grounded scientists (whose work I am very familiar with) that give such presentations are encouraged to make ever more grandiose and unsupported claims... I now assume similar phenomenon happen in just about every other subject of a TED talk, where some core nugget of truth is stretched and distorted beyond all recognition, all in the service of empty intellectual preening.

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