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Originally Posted by Trinopus View Post
Richox: Chemical bonds involve quantum effects, so any chemical transference, so much as a single water molecule, entails information "stored at a quantum level."

Personality and memories are merely chemical effects, no more and no less "quantum" than any other chemical/molecular effects. There is no magical "quantum" explanation for human awareness.

(Mathematician Roger Penrose tried to argue otherwise, in his book "The Emperor's New Mind," but he has pretty much been shot out of the saddle.)
It's likely that, as a sort of random number generator, quantum effects are useful for thinking, but I don't think that quantum effects are used for memory storage in any way. I suspect that the quantum state of all of the atoms of the brain could be swapped out with alternate (normal) quantum states and there would be no difference. You'd lose no memories and, while your future might change slightly from what it would have been otherwise - you might make slightly different choices - it wouldn't change any fundamental part of your personality, memories, or anything else.