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Originally Posted by Little Nemo View Post
I think you're overstating the situation.

Part 1. Breaking the body bits down without destroying the body or killing the person.

This isn't correct. Disintegrating the body of the person being transported is part of the process we're seeking. Transporting somebody without destroying the original leads to the duplication problem we've already mentioned.

So I think this step should be revised as Part 1. Breaking down the body is such a way that all of its relevant information is recorded.

That said, we haven't made any significant progress on such a process. We can only record the most basic physical information about a person.

Part 2. Safely transporting the body bits in whatever form they have been converted into from point A to Point B without killing the person. At first, they might want to try doing this via a controlled conduit rather through open air.

On this one, I think we're making clear process. Once a person is broken down and recorded, it's just a matter of transmitting information and perhaps energy. We have technology that transmits both of these and we continue to advance in this area.

Part 3. Reassembling said body bits in the proper order to make a living human bean.

The opposite side of Part 1. Even if we somehow developed a means of recording all of the information a person contained, we don't have any means of assembling a person from that information.
This "information" you talk about: are we still talking about transporting the original from point A to point B, or creating a perfect copy at point B using information about the original?