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I am curious why the OP thinks the video is a hoax and why subsequent posters think you would need a crapton of lemons. In the video, he uses 6 cells, stating it would produce "about 5 volts". As has been noted, it isn't only the voltage, but the amps that are important, but the amperage does not depend on the number of lemons, but the surface area of your electrodes. The brass paper brads he uses for the copper electrodes do have a lot of surface area.

If anything was "hoaxed" in the video, my bet would be that he injected a bit of HCl and water into the lemon just to make sure he had enough acidic electrolyte, but I am not sure that would even be necessary. He does squash the lemon a bit to make sure there is free flow of the electrolyte and cautions against letting the electrodes touch one another. I would really like someone explain why you would need a table full of lemons.
There is no way he produced six cells from a single lemon. How is he directing the charges inside the lemon? That is a single. The other electrodes are for show. Look how bright the steel wool gets. That's not possible.
I'm the OP, the one that got duped. I tested the voltages with my multimeter. A single electrode pair creates about 1 volt. Lining them up like they are in the video still makes one volt. It was fun to try and to play around with but there was no way it was going to work.