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Hrrm I thought the Xenu thing was plagerized by Hubberd... or maybe he wrote it....

All I remember is I read some dumb-ass short story in some SCIFI collection book in some used bookstore that sounded a lot like the premise behind Scientology.

Hrrm actually ya know, that sounds almost exactly the same as the plot from BattleField Earth. I wonder why?

Hrrm 75 million years ago you say? Wasn't HI underwater at that time? Oh wait reason... must stop thinking...

So here's a legitimate question, one that I've posed a few times before:

Why isn't there any organized counter-scientology effort out there?

There is some work, the vast majority of it in Europe, but nothing systemic...

Here's my plan: We, anyone who will help (like people who remember HTML), should launch our own anti scientology attack. After all we are trying to fight ignorance aren't we?

I'm picturing doing exactly what scientology did to google. We make web sites for out own little group, exactly the same as scientology, but with enough fundamental differences that we escape copyright infringement. (Think a whole new generation of Ohm meters using whatever high tech gizmos we can generate)

Then after we generate our organization we launch an effort to get scientologists away from the CoS. Shortly after that begins we start throwing up 'personal' web pages of people caught between the two warring cults.

And of course we need to log everything that happens so when we're done we can launch our "Behind the Scenes" page.

any takers?

I'm really bored..