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The controversy is over requiring IDs to vote, and "motor-voter" registration.

"Motor-voter" means that whenever you register a car or get a license, you are offered the opportunity to register to vote. The wealthier you are, the more likely you are to have a car and a driver's license, so the more likely you are to have this opportunity to register. It therefore discriminates against poor people.

Having to show an ID to vote is supposed to prevent fraud, but there is no evidence of fraud, not large-scale, or eve small-scale, so it's a solution to a non-existent problem. It also discriminates against poor people, since acceptable IDs are state issued pictures IDs, meaning driver's licenses, or state IDs that are not licenses, but are obtained from the same place you get a license (people who can't drive for physical or medical reasons, or choose not to drive, get them); picture IDs from state universities; and US passports as well.

Poor people are less likely to be able to obtain any of these IDs. They are less likely to own cars and need licenses, to have difficulty getting to the department of motor vehicles to get a state ID, to go to college and have a university ID, or to be able to afford a passport.

The theory goes that poor people disproportionately vote Democrat, so Republicans pass these ID laws to eliminate Democratic voters.

I personally question a lot of this. In my state, poor people tend to be Christian, and therefore Republican, because many of them are single-issue voters on abortion. Also, in big cities, like NYC and LA, where you do get populations of poor people who are Democrats, they have little trouble getting state IDs, because public transportation is good in these places.

However, the fact that this is a solution without a problem is kind of a big deal to me. I hate extraneous legislation.

One issue that is dead in the water, though is the idea that these laws disenfranchise homeless people. Homeless people already have special problems. You need an address to register to vote, because you need to be in a district for representatives, state senators, sheriff, etc. So the idea that these laws discriminate against the homeless is a non-starter.