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I'd like to offer some corrections.

"Motor Voter" is a nickname given to the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA) that was passed into law in the mid 90's. It is not in any way controversial as RivkahChaya described it. It requires States to give voters the option to register to vote at the time they renew their license to drive. It does not give any preferential treatment to drivers. In fact, it also requires states to allow registration by mail and at numerous other government agencies including public assistance. Prior to this law, many states required voters to register at only a limited number of special locations or with "Registrars". NVRA was a big step forward, not backward by any measure.

As to the issue of homeless people, they are not required to have an address to vote. They do need to provide a location where they "live" to be assigned to districts. However, in a least the state that I am most familiar with, they are allowed to register with their mailing address set at "General Delivery". I know from experience that many homeless people are able to get a voter ID even if they can't get any other type of ID.