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Originally Posted by Schnitte View Post

If that is what voter registration means, then I don't understand the controvery this creates.
In America we politicize everything, voter registration and voter turnout is no different.

There are 2 major parties in the US, the democrats and the republicans. As a general rule of thumb, the democrats do better when voter turnout is higher. The republicans do better when turnout is lower. I'm not trying to turn this into a political thread, but you can't understand why this is happening here unless you understand that. Trying to understand why this is an issue w/o discussing the politics behind it is like trying to understand biology w/o discussing evolution. People may not like it, but you can't have an honest and informed discussion without it.

As a result, republicans on the state and federal level have passed many laws making it harder to vote:
  • Eliminating or restricting absentee voting
  • Eliminating or restricting early voting
  • Making voter registration more onerous
  • Fighting same day or automatic registration
  • Requiring IDs for voters
  • Closing polling places so people have trouble getting to the polls to vote (and when they get there the lines are incredibly long)
  • Constantly purging voter rolls so people have to reregister
  • Allowing IDs that conservatives have (like gun registrations) to count as ID, but not allowing ID that democrats have (like college IDs)

Basically they are trying to create fewer voters, and trying to make it harder for the remaining voters to vote because some people who lean democratic are more likely to just give up the harder it is to vote (while republicans will still show up to vote no matter how hard you make it to vote).

It would be an easy fix, if the politicians in the US wanted an easy fix. But they do not, so it is an issue.

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