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Registering as a voter is voluntary in the UK. There was a TV campaign last week to persuade more people to register - no register = no vote.

People don't register for all kinds of reasons: Some because they don't want the government to know who they are, some because they are transitory and can't be bothered and some because they are illegal. Students are often registered at their homes and don't bother with postal votes. Elections get low turnouts anyway so MPs get voted in by a small minority of those eligible.

Because there is a legal limit on expenditure, elections in the UK do not get the same kind of wall to wall coverage that they do in the USA. Politicians do their best but the electorate is pretty apathetic in the main.

The Labour (left wing) party elected a radical leader. They are expected to take a drubbing in the forthcoming (May 5th) election of local councillors - even though he does not really have anything to do with them. I guess its like voting for a State governor with the opposite politics to the POTUS (or abstaining) because you don't like him. Unlike the USA, the labour party can ditch their unpopular leader in the hope that things will improve by the time a General election comes around.