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Originally Posted by septimus View Post
To give some idea of how politicized the voter ID requirement is, in Texas a concealed-gun carry permit is acceptable for voter ID! But a government-issued student ID card with photo is not. (Gun owners tend to vote Republican; students Democratic.)
To be fair, the concealed carry permit ID and proof-of-identity requirements far exceed those of voter registration, requiring much the same sorts of identification and being fingerprinted, etc...

Student IDs don't necessarily have those same requirements. Presumably you had to show some of that stuff to register at the school, but I doubt that there's any legislation *mandating* state schools to require the same sort of proof-of-identity that is required for voter registration.

In other words, concealed carry licenses have been proven to be equivalent in terms of identity documentation, while student IDs aren't required to be equivalent, and therefore would have to either be blanket disqualified, or taken up on a case-by-case basis. I.e. UT's might be ok, but Wharton County Junior College's ID might not.

That's a good, non-political explanation for the two.