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Originally Posted by Chessic Sense View Post
Perhaps the OP is referring to more recent controversies of registering to vote in primaries, not generals. In that case, OP, the issue is not Republican vs. Democrat, it's "Establishment" vs. "Insurgent."
That's not true, at all. Every state has its own PARTY primary rules, put in place by the parties themselves, not by the states. Each party can decide who besides the voters who are registered as for that party can vote in their primary. In California, for instance, if you are registered as an independent (Decline to State, in California), you may vote in the Democratic primary, but you can't vote in the Republican primary.

There are also rules about how far in advance you have to be registered to vote, in order to qualify to vote in the primary. In New York, for example, you had to have been registered to vote as a particular party something like six months prior to the election. If you were registered previously as other than the party whose primary you wanted to vote in, you had to be changed to that party six months prior. If you had never registered to vote, or had moved to New York from another jurisdiction, then you could register sooner than that. The time limit is a state rule, not a party rule.