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To complicate things further, some of the ID-establishing documents such as birth certificates, depending on your home state, are managed at not even the state but the county level.
Interesting story - one day I was walking to lunch in county 1 (state capital city). A person asked me how to get to city A. Because they came here for their birth certificate, but found out it was kept at the county seat, not the capital city of the state. Then they said they were born in county 2. City A, that they asked about was actually the county seat of County 3. I know that because though I work in City 1, I live in the county they were asking about and shop in the city they were asking about.

So the person (who'd moved out of the state as a child) came to the state capital for birth certificate, but then found out he had to go to the county seat of his birth county, but was actually asking about the county seat for another county by city-name.

Edit: And the county courthouse did not have an original or a copy of my father's birth certificate. Turned out his mom had the original. He discovered this at 48.

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