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An issue that seems likely to come up in this election is the validity of delegates in the Electoral College .

From ...

You normally think of votes as being points, and the person with the most points wins...

But President works with delegates. Each state is awarded a number of delegates based on population . The vote in that state decides how many delegates each party gets to send ... You'd think that it would be fair if a party got 1/3rd of the vote that party would get only 1/3rd of the delegates, but that only happens in Maine and Nebraska. In the rest, its winner takes all. 49% counts gets 0 %, 50% counts as 100%.

BUT these delegates are real people, and they don't merely show their face in Washington, they actually fill out a voting form ! .

So these Electoral College delegates can change their vote, and they can be disqualified.

Worse, some states make it law that the delegate "vows to support the candidate who they were nominated by"..

The issue could well be that a number of delegates may have a conscience and vote against the candidate who sent them.

The laws don't it clear as to how timing affects this. its the state that is disqualifying the delegate, but the voting is occurring in federal jurisdiction. How do the feds know if the delegate is disqualified by their state ? Does the timing of the disqualification matter to the feds, or is it the timing of the feds KNOWING of the disqualification ? The states imply that the delegate must be treated as a "point" and not a person who votes... But the feds let them vote. The state is saying if they vote against their party, the party they vowed to support to become a candidate for being a delegate to the Electoral College, then they should be disqualified. However, the Fed's treat the vote as happening FIRST and then the state can consider state law as they will based on what happened in the Electoral College Vote.. basically how the delegate votes cannot change the validity of their vote, as the vote must be made first... timing you see.. It has to be that way or there would be race conditions, logical conundrums...

But in this election, it may be that some states make real efforts to disqualify delegates to the electoral college BEFORE the vote... it may be that some electoral college candidates actually want to get THEMSELVES disqualified, which can mean showing their passport instead of their birth certificate, or vica versa , the old switheroo, to claim that they are actually to be disqualified as they shouldn't even be registered votes...

You'd think that they'd just make it a preferential points system... but the status quo remains, and the issue is that people like the idea that a small number of delegates may sabotage the delegates preferred party because they don't want that person as President...