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Another point not fully touched on...

Elections in the United States are not run by a federal elections office. Elections are run at the state and/or local level.

Similarly registration requirements are not fully set at the federal level, though there are Constitutional protections that cover a few things (citizens over age 18 are eligible to vote in federal elections, no poll tax, etc...).

One point of contention with the Motor Voter registrations is that some states want to enforce stricter registration requirements than those stated on the Motor Voter registration form.

Finally, changing laws that result in disfavoring one group is not phenomenon unique to the Republican party. In the first two years of the Obama Administration the Democratic led Congress passed amendments to the Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act, a law meant to ease voting for American residing abroad, largely military servicemen stationed overseas. Prior to the amendment an overseas voter could make one request for ballots to be mailed for all elections for the next 4 years. The amendment eliminated that so now overseas voters must request ballots individually for each election. No notice was sent to overseas voters that their previous request for a ballot would not be honored.