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[QUOTE=PatrickLondon;19282482 You don't have to provide ID when you vote, though you are sent a reminder card to tell you where and when you can vote, and this gives the polling station clerks your registration number and the rest of it; "personation" has been known to occur, but it's difficult to organise it effectively in sufficient numbers to have much significant effect on results.[/QUOTE]

I usually lose or forget my polling card when I go to vote. Telling the clerk my name and address for then to tick me off their list is sufficient.

The main controversy, which does result in challenges, is postal voting.
Postal voting enables fraud to be carried out on an "industrial scale", a top judge has said.
Richard Mawrey QC, who tries cases of electoral fraud, told BBC Radio 4's Today programme that the current system makes election rigging "a possibility" and, in some areas, "a probability".
What seems to happen is that whole extended families (mainly Asians) give their voting papers to a 'patriarch' for him to complete. Whether this has a significant effect outside their local area remains to be seen.