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Voting is compulstory in Australia, so you have to register to vote - it's also pretty easy, just fill in a form (there's an online option) with your driver's licence or passport number (nearly everyone has one of them) - or, you can get someone who's already on the electoral roll to verify "Yeah, that's them!" as an alternative.

When you show up at the polling booth, there's a big List O'Voters (recently on a computer, but marginally less recently in actual book form, and still used in many places). You tell the polling official your name, they cross you off the list, you vote, then head outside to enjoy some Democracy Sausage Sizzle and head home.

Count me among those surprised at the brouhaha voter registration causes in the US, and the idea that significant numbers of people don't have driver's licences or other government-issued ID.

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