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Can you explain all the fuzz about voter registration in the US to a European?

Originally Posted by smiling bandit View Post
Student ID's aren't acceptable for voting because it in no way establishes you are a legal resident of a particular state; you can in almost all circumstances go to school in one state, even far from home, without establishing residency. In addition, student ID's frequently don't include an address, and many state colleges are close enough to a border than students and can do communicate over the state line. Hence, while it may establish you are who you say you are, a student doesn't usually suffice to show that you live in a particular state or district.

Except: that also applies to US passports and US military ID. Neither of them shows that you live in the state. They don't have place of residence on them. And, military ID isn't even proof of citizenship: a non-American can be in the US military. However, those two pieces of ID are accepted in Texas, where the poster who raised the student ID issue is posting from.

So why are those two pieces of ID acceptable, but not student ID?

One speculation is that people who have passports tend to be higher income and therefore more likely to vote for a particular party. And that people in the military are more likely to vote for that same particular party.

And that university students are more likely to vote for a different particular party.

Further than that is beyond GQ so I'll stop.

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