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As a counterpoint to Wesley Clark, the Democrats try to make it very easy to vote. In the US, you need to be a citizen to vote. The National Voter Registration Act makes it illegal for states to actually require a person to prove they are a citizen in order to register. Theoretically, all 11+million illegal immigrants plus all legal aliens could go to a registrar's office tomorrow and pinkie-promise that they are citizens and be registered to vote. One issue with voter ID that is almost never raised is that since in many states you can only get a state ID if you are a legal resident then requiring ID will at least keep illegal immigrants from voting.

And that I think is the big difference between the Republicans and Democrats on this issue. Republicans want to limit voting to US citizens and if a few citizens can't vote then oh well they should get the right documentation. The Democrats believe every citizen should vote* and want a system that makes it so easy that people will vote that are not legally entitled too.

*Except in my experience, some of the Dems on this board are hypocritical about it. I was once denied my right to vote because someone have signed in as me and voted earlier in the day. This could have been avoided with voter ID laws but everytime I bring it up in those threads, it gets dismissed as an abberation or unimportant. So the right of a citizen to vote is important unless you are me? You are a Republican? What is the standard?