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Originally Posted by RivkahChaya View Post
It shouldn't be, but it is, if you've ever heard people go on about it.

Also, FWIW, voter rolls used to be where most jurisdictions got their jury pools from, so many people avoided registering to vote so they wouldn't get called for jury duty. Recently, counties have changed to using vehicle registration in addition to voter registration so people wouldn't avoid voting, and also to widen the jury pool.
I think there's a lot of ignorance about the motor voter concept; most of the opposition I've heard from people grumbling about it is based on some kind of erroneous notion that it means that you're automatically registered to vote when you get a drivers' license.

Which isn't true; it merely gives them the opportunity to register at the same time as getting or renewing a drivers' license.

I guess there's some validity to the idea that if someone can't be arsed to go out of their way enough to register to vote, are they someone who we really want to vote in the first place? Kind of like the "Starship Troopers" concept writ extremely small, in low-contrast ink.