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CRorex, Operation Clambake is the big Anti-Scientology Front (ASF). It is run by dedicated individuals, plenty of them former clams (clam = Scientologist/wog = non-Scientologist), and spreads - get this - the copyrighted materials of the CoS itself. You can download the OTs that the Cult doesn't want anyone to see before they've paid thousands of dollars and have done thousands of hours of unpaid work in the Orgs (Scientology Labor Camps/Brainwashing Centers). How? Lawsuits. Through various lawsuits at various times and places, bits and pieces of the OTs have become public knowledge through court records. Operation Clambake people, and various other ASFers, go to those courts and secure copies of the OTs perfectly legally.

All Operation Clambake is doing is displaying materials in the public record.

Of course, the DMCA might yet give the CoS the power to kill Operation Clambake, but even if it does, the ASF will not die. It is too spread out. Too many people with computers already have a problem with the CoS. They can't Fair Game them all. (Fair Game = The Cult practice of making someone the target of Cultist anger. A Fair Game implies that anything a Clam does against the person is 'fair game' and that no mercy should be shown, laws be damned.) If Operation Clambake dies tomorrow at midnight, a replacement would spring up before noon and that would be mirrorred globally before the next day.
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