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The Straight Dope On ESP.

I was actually inspired to ask this question by Star Trek: TOS. In the original series, ESP was apparently so mainstream (at that time at least), that they included it as part of their story line. Characters even had routine tests for their ESP aptitude. This story element featured prominently in the episode Where No Man Has Gone Before. By the time TNG came along, it was so intrinsically part of the series, they just had to include it again, like with the Betazoid race, for example.

Anyways, this is not the Cafe section. So I will no longer discuss the Star Trek connection. But as I said, it does bring up one question: What is the straight dope on ESP? Telekinesis, clairvoyance, and mind reading, for example? Where does it stand now in modern science? Is it at all in the mainstream? Or is it relegated to the fringe of science? And could there be any validity to its claims?

Remember, my question is what is the straight dope. So I am asking you, the members, of this board, for information. Please don't ask me to provide support and evidence.

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