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Originally Posted by Chronos View Post
The sad thing is, humans really are capable of some very interesting things, which all too often get overlooked behind the murky cloud of paranormal BS. For instance, some people are very good at reading facial expressions, posture, microgestures, and the like, which leads them to be very good at interpreting others' moods and thought processes. This is all perfectly natural, and won't win you the Randi prize or anything... but it can look an awful lot like telepathy, which makes it impossible to study.
If someone thinks it might be telepathy, then why would it be so hard to study? If you block off all the senses, then the only remaining source of data transmission is extrasensory. If someone with a demonstrated ability to read the emotional state of another person can still reliably read the emotional state of another person under such conditions, then wow, we've really got something. If they can't, well then it seems clear that their perception was sensory, not extrasensory.