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Originally Posted by Isilder View Post
But that may also be Self Fulfilling prophecy.
See, he may not have actually wanted a cup of tea, but the since his wife has actually providing it , ala Pavlov and all, then he changes his mind that to wanting it.
Its hard to note down these things, so "selective memory" also comes into the anecdote.

If the government , eg Treasurer , says "I think there will be the start of a depression tommow, there will be a big crash!", it may well happen, just for no other reason than it was prophesised..
In the former case, a rigorous study would require documenting his mental state before the tea was presented so there can be no reporting bias after the fact.

In the latter case, the Treasurer could privately document his prediction without making it public until after the prediction has been shown to be true/false, this preventing it (the prediction itself) from influencing the outcome.

In either case, yes, there are plenty of reasonable explanations for what's happening; no need to resort to claims of ESP.