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Originally Posted by John Mace View Post
Was there more, shall we say, open mindedness about ESP in the 60s among actual scientists or was it just the hippy-dippy atmosphere of the time? Age of Aquarius, etc. I was a kid in the 60s, but it did seem like at least there were more experiments going on, and perhaps that was the era of debunking...?
An awful lot of both medical and physical science progressed rapidly after World War 2. We were discovering new stuff all the time, and the idea of doing real studies of things -- particularly in psychology -- was catching on. If any of these extrasensory things had actually panned out, the discoverer would have been famous for finding whatever the underlying new mechanism turned out to be. A lot of folks believed there was "something there," and going to look for it furthered the ideals of science. And it was successful, in a very real sense -- all of those studies and investigations gave us much of the large body of evidence we have today that these telepathic channels aren't real. A valid, evidence-supported conclusion, even if it's not the one folks wanted to find.