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Originally Posted by elbows View Post
While I agree, ESP as we currently image it to manifest, has been well debunked. I don't find it too hard to imagine that there are, or might yet prove to be, 'extra senses' we have simply yet to uncover.

If dogs can predict seizures and detect cancer, I don't see it as impossible that we too have some subtle senses at work that we aren't currently aware of. Remain to be detected.

(Not ESP as you were thinking perhaps, yet still 'extra' sensory!)
We have lots of such "hidden" senses that aren't strictly vision, hearing, smell, taste, and touch. So for example the semicircular canals that control balance are sense organs, but they aren't part of any of the above senses. Or the carbon dioxide sensors that create the feeling of really needing to breathe. And "touch" is really a laundry list of different sensors that are only loosely related, such as warmth, cold, pressure, pain, touch, proprioception, and so on.