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Originally Posted by Exapno Mapcase View Post
OK, I went there and read a bunch of meta-studies and looked at their conclusions. Every one I read noted that some studies reported positive results, but that when all the confounding possibilities are accounted for they can no longer make any definite claims that ESP exists. The negatives included missing data sets, lack of control groups, lack of a plausible mechanism, non-replicability, and selective examples.

IOW, when actual scientists look at the studies they find exactly the same thing we've said here. That's because we're not pulling negativity out of our asses, we're reporting on negative results and bad science.

A real, positive, double-blind investigated, replicable power would be an incredible scientific find. Real scientists of every discipline would jump on it to get answers and seek new and interesting questions. That has never happened - despite a large number of scientists who have been investigating the subject and publishing their research. I find that conclusive.
If the takeaway from reviewing the studies is that there is no evidence for ESP then my purpose for posting them it is not without value in either case.