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Originally Posted by Crazyhorse View Post
I knew you were going to say that, even before you did!

I'm not saying anyone should believe in ESP. I'm saying there is a body of scientific research in the subject that isn't limited only to crackpots. You say Radin is a crackpot so you're entitled to that belief. But he is at least a practicing scientist, with two PhD's who has worked as chief scientist in mainstream, highly competitive "real" scientific work before embarking on his interest in the study of paranormal psychology. He is credible enough to be worth a read to anyone who is interested in the subject. That isn't saying he holds proof of anything, just that he seems to be genuinely interested in exploring the subject using proper scientific method.
He's apparently an intelligent dude, but his PhDs are unrelated to the research (I left out the scare quotes) he has done. The only critiques of his work by mainstream scientists show him to be a crackpot, actually, albeit a crackpot with some publications under his belt.