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Originally Posted by kayaker View Post
He's apparently an intelligent dude, but his PhDs are unrelated to the research (I left out the scare quotes) he has done. The only critiques of his work by mainstream scientists show him to be a crackpot, actually, albeit a crackpot with some publications under his belt.
I'm not sure any field besides Psychology would be better for a PhD if interested in paranormal psychology.

Originally Posted by Czarcasm View Post
Not only does he not have proof, he doesn't even have evidence. He is credible to you because you either believe, or you want to believe, but his degrees in two other totally unrelated fields don't mean squat if he can't come up with the evidence.
My belief? Why would it matter in GQ? That is kind of my point. Someone came here asking for the straight dope on ESP and that discussion would not be complete without a look at Radin's work and his meta-analysis of the work of others. If nothing else he has weeded out the complete crackpots from the mix and what remains is at least real science. It may well lead to the conclusion that no evidence exists and if so, I'd say that was a more valuable contribution to the thread than your or my opinion.

My own belief, sure I would love it if we could move objects with our minds, read other's thoughts, etc. that would be really cool. I have never seen any evidence of it either.