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Originally Posted by Isilder View Post
How about the USA road network ?

When you consider that its a network and not a bunch of seperate items.
You would't call a brick house to not be a single object, so why would a road network be broken into constituent parts ?

The federal road network shows that its even designed as a single network, to some extent, its just just a bunch of state highways that happen to cross paths.
Well, why limit it to the USA road network? It's not as though all US roads stop at the borders.

True, once we look at a transnational road network we have something constructed by more than one party, but nothing in the OP limits the query to things constructed by just one party. In any event, different components of the US road network will have been constructed by different parties - different local, state and federal governmental agencies, and no doubt a few more entities besides.

So if we are looking at road networks, the likely answer is going to be the largest connected road network on the planet which, I'm guessing, is the Eurasian-African road network.