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Originally Posted by Ranger Jeff View Post
Even if a vest stops the bullet from breaking the skin, there's still going to be some blunt force trauma. Yes, a broken or cracked rib or sternum can be painful, but considering the potential damage if they hadn't worn a vest, not too many guys are going to complain all that much.
If the stopped bullet is within the NIJ rating of the vest, then the blunt trauma will be minimal. The impact cannot cause more than 44mm (I incorrectly said 40mm earlier, but I just looked it up to be sure) of deformation in the clay behind the armor during certification testing. There is going to be some blunt force with any soft armor, but not at the level of broken ribs, provided of course that the armor was rated for the round. With hard armor, the blunt force trauma is almost nothing. Again, provided the plates are rated for the round. With the right plates, you can stand there and take multiple rounds like this guy: