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Have we done yet, the Second Chance guy shooting people with .308 while wearing his company's vests? (I'm wondering just what besides kevlar is in that vest.) IIRC, in the 70s and early 80s, Richard Davis, the CEO of what was Second Chance body armor, while trying to sell police departments on the idea of body armor, used to shoot himself with the policeman's own service weapon. No broken ribs. And it doesn't look like the shootee in the video above suffered any kind of injury like that. OTOH, I have read accounts of LEOs getting shot in their vest, and suffering bruising/broken ribs. YMMV depending on your vest and just how you get shot, I guess.

Anyway, as sasquatch wrote in post #2 of this thread, provided you're expecting the blow, pretty much all small arms bullets aren't going to knock you over from just the momentum of the bullet. What knocks you over is your reaction to getting shot or if you're otherwise off balance.