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Originally Posted by buddha_david View Post
You can't conveniently knock someone out by bopping 'em on the head. Any blow to the head which causes unconsciousness will typically result in a severe brain injury.
This is the most consistent departure from reality across all entertainment media. People get knocked on the head, keel over, and wake up an hour later with a slight headache. And this is something that pretty much cannot happen. You can hit someone hard enough to knock them unconscious. They're likely to have a fractured skull, concussion, and possible lifechanging brain damage. Or they lie there unconscious for a while, and then die. Or like what happens in boxing, the guy gets knocked down and can't get up for a while, but he's not completely unconscious, just dazed and possibly concussed.

Human beings don't come with an off switch, and knocking someone unconscious or drugging them into unconsciousness is pretty difficult without risking serious injury or death.