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Originally Posted by Chronos View Post
Are we allowed to include misconceptions about how space travel works? Because we could pretty much fill up the whole thread with those.
The most common set of interlocking misconceptions is that space travel "should work" pretty much the same as travel by ocean in the golden age of sail. It should take about as long to travel to another planet as it does to sail from Bristol to Jamaica, ships should be about the same size and have the same sort of crew, the space navy is just like the wet navy except in space, ships should be out of contact with home base while traveling, there should be space weather and space storms, space pirates, colonies set up the same way countries set up colonies during the Age of Exploration, aliens who are either colorful natives, or spacefaring great power rivals, even forms of government should be the same, so you have space kings and space queens and space princesses and space aristocrats. And planets are exactly like small islands with one and only one city or base and some surrounding countryside.