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If you are holding someone at gunpoint, you don't need to cock the weapon again to demonstrate how serious you are. Presumably you have already cocked it and have a round chambered.

You don't need to chase an aircraft through a dangerous winding canyon. It is safer and just as easy to follow the aircraft from a slightly higher altitude. (I think this was lampshaded in Firefly)

SAMs and air to air missiles do not pull up behind your aircraft, chase you through every turn, matching your speed and then get distracted by any convenient heat source that crosses it's pass. They plot an intercept course travelling like Mach 3 and either explode if they get close, peppering your aircraft with shrapnel or miss and most likely lose track of their target and run out of fuel.

AFAIK, night vision goggles don't glow green or red.

System admins do not get alert messages indicating "someone is hacking the network" and then get into hacker battles where each side is feverishly typing code.

Password cracking software does dramatically find each digit of your password in sequence like a contestant on Wheel of Fortune.

If someone shoots a small hole in the side of an aircraft or space ship, you will not get sucked (blown?) through it.

The generally accepted way to perform CPR is not to take a break for a few minutes before screaming "LIVE DAMN YOU!" and then slapping the shit out of the patient.

Cars generally do not explode. In fact, most things don't outside of a Michael Bay film.

I don't think I've ever seen an ER that was a constant madhouse flurry of activity and beeping lights like you see on TV.

When my company's office was robbed a few years ago, they did not solve the crime in 24 hours. Although, I did get to sit with them and go through security camera footage, saying "enhance..." every time I clicked a button. The cops thought that was pretty funny. In fact, the cops were actually more Brooklyn Nine-Nine than Law & Order. Then again, no one was murdered. But I digress.

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