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Originally Posted by Soylent Juicy View Post
You can't have a gun fired near you at close range and not experience some kind of hearing damage.

(Watching "Magic City" last night and one character shoots a gun across the other character. Second character later rubs his ear - my husband said that was first time he's ever seen someone on TV acknowledge that a close-range gunshot hurt their ears.)
Archer actually does this one right in many episodes, and turned it into a source of humor. After narrowly avoiding being blown up, Archer and Lana rub their ears. Also for some reason Archer says "mop mop" as he rubs his ears. I guess it's just one of his oddities. On rare occasion they even mask the show soundtrack for a few seconds so that it sounds like you (the audience) have also experienced having your ears blown out.

My favorite one: whenever I need to inject myself with my arthritis medication, of course I have to jam the needle into the side of my neck! (not)

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