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Originally Posted by Gray Ghost View Post
Have we done yet, the Second Chance guy shooting people with .308 while wearing his company's vests? (I'm wondering just what besides kevlar is in that vest.)
That doesn't look like soft body armor police officers typically wear under their uniform.
I went on the job in '82. I had a hard vest that was steel plates though not multi layered like that. It was worn over the uniform and was more tactical. My first soft vest was about circa 1984. I'm pretty sure the trauma plates were a type of ceramic though they were also covered in Kevlar so I couldn't be sure. They went in a little pocket in front of the vest in front of the Kevlar panels just like they are today. You wouldn't believe how much heavier that vest was (level 2) than todays level 3's. Todays trauma plates tend to be soft as there is a theory about bullets following a hard plate upward into an officers neck/jaw. Don't know if that's ever really happened.

About 1 1/2 years ago I was at a demonstration where a level 3 with soft trauma plates was fired at with .223 from an AR15. Went right through it. The vest was of no help whatsoever.