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Originally Posted by jtur88 View Post
Letters of credit seemed to be nearly universal, even internationally for European travel. Apparently, creditors would rather assume the risk of a phony letter, than to turn away the clientele and impugn the integrity of a lucrative high roller.
Or rather, enough information existed to allow at least somewhat accurate pricing of the risks associated with the issuance of credit.

Originally Posted by Kamino Neko View Post
That's severely underselling the age of the oldest operating hotels in Japan, since it stopped being called Edo in the mid-19th century.

I don't know about the Tokyo area, specifically, but the oldest still-extant hotels in Japan are from the 8th century, more than 700 years before Edo Castle was even built. (The oldest still-operating hotel in Europe (Germany, specifically) also predates Edo, though it's much younger than the Japanese hotels, 'only' dating to the 12th century.)
They renovated the bathrooms in 1795, though, and personally I think they lost some of that old-time charm.