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Originally Posted by Lumpy View Post
Prices always subject to haggling of course, but presumably a well-bred and fully trained warhorse in the prime of its life was pretty expensive. Ditto a high quality sword or set of armor made by a respected master. Also, anything that had made its way to Europe all the way from eastern Asia, like spices or silk.
Warhorses and weaponry could be worked out somehow, armed men wouldn't have to worry so much about carrying a lot of gold with them. The traders though, that's an interesting aspect. Anyone traveling far with goods to trade must be expecting a decent return, and getting that money home without getting waylaid must have been difficult. I assume they'd need to be well armed to do it.

Speaking of gold coins I recall Rick on Pawn Stars saying the ridges we have on quarters are style going far back to prevent the shaving of silver and gold coins. You can easily tell if anyone tried to shave down the edges when there are ridges but a smooth edged coin could be cleanly shaved. I wonder if that's still a problem in the gold trade.