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I should have pointed this out, but a few other rules of Home Depot Thunderdome, (which airs every night on FOX, 8 PM sharp) are

1. If you refuse to fight or attempt to leave the Thunderdome without defeating your opponent you're burned at the stake. So sorry. You must fight.

2. Every winner wins a million bucks. If both contestants die of wounds sustained during the fight before one can exist the Thunderdome alive, the winner is either

2a. The contestant who clearly killed the other one first, or
2b. If it is unclear who died first, the contestant who fought the best, as voted upon by a panel of celebrity judges.

If the winner dies before being able to sign the paperwork to receive their winnings, the money is awarded to a party they designate prior to the bout.

Originally Posted by Oakminster
I'd probably go with a machete, but I'd also consider a pitchfork or a brush cutting tool (dunno what it is called) that looks pretty much like a smallish halberd.
Some call it a sling blade, I call it a Kaiser blade.

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