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Modification of items is not permitted. (I mean, given some time in a Home Depot, you could construct a goddamn trebuchet.) The item must be used as it would be sold, though of course, if applicable, the item will be removed from packaging prior to the fight and will be assembled and, if it is a machine, in working order,. However, machines (like lawnmowers) shall be assembled exactly as per instructions for normal use. All de-packaging and assembly will be performed by the production staff of Home Depot Thunderdome, so the contestant has no opportunity for trickery. The production staff of Home Depot Thunderdome <TM> will also ensure your weapon is not broken. The inherent quality of the product cannot be guaranteed - if your kaiser blade snaps when you try to block your enemy's attack because the Chinese manufacturer just didn't make it for that purpose, too bad - but you will not be accidentally handed something that was broken or malfunctioning out of the box.

There is no rule saying you cannot attempt to disassemble or reconfigure a machine after the battle begins, but as you cannot bring any tools with you, and your opponent will be charging at you, screaming and waving THEIR weapon of choice, opportunities to MacGyver up a fascinating new weapon will be rather short in duration.

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